Adventures in Science

If you want to be amazed by how big or how small things get compared to us click this link here:

What a fun little gizmo! That button in the middle slides to the right for things bigger than humans and to the left for things smaller than humans. Human size is just a little larger than median size for everything there is. The word median here means the middle of a range of numbers or values.  So humans are about middle size for everything anywhere that we know about at this time.

We’re used to measuring things with words like inch or mile. Every inch, mile, or, in this case, meter has the same length. We call these words for same lengths–units or units of measurement. In this web page, we are shown many new words for measuring something’s size  based on equal fractions or multiples of the meter, the regular metric unit of measurement. Planck length at the small end of the slider is the smallest unit of size for anything.  “Scale of the Universe”  is using the Yottameter or Ym, as  the largest unit used to measure anything  in the universe and the universe itself.

Mind blowingly cool, isn’t it?

Look for the label, You can’t see past this line—>, and read the explanation of why to the right of it!