Adventures in Science

Dinosaur Hero

One Giant Leap of Awesome has its first Awesome Hero! Aaron is a 6-y.o. boy from California who is podcasting imaginative dinosaur adventures loaded with fun dinosaur facts.  Aaron calls his podcast, Aaron’s World.  Click here to explore his blog, enjoy the podcasts, and learn more about Aaron and dinosaurs.

Along with his time traveling spaceship and INO, the Computer from the Future, Aaron’s World usually focuses on one type of dinosaur per episode. INO–pronounced “I know”–reads questions from listeners and is Aaron’s trusty and informative sidekick. Some episodes so far have found our intrepid dinosaur adventurer climbing trees to learn about Microraptor, visiting Mexico at the late, late cretaceous to witness the asteroid impact that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, and travelling a time tunnel into the future to meet INO’s inventor– Princess Scientist!

Aaron’s World comes out every two weeks during its 20 episode season. We can’t wait to see where Aaron’s, talent, imagination and love of dinosaurs take us next!

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