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This is Joanne Manaster. She is a scientist who studies cell biology. She also likes to share her love of science with everyone especially kids. She does this through her website, Go check it out! There is so much fun science there including reviews about science books, science videos, and science web links.

Our favorite part of Joanne Manaster’s site is Gummi Bear Science. She has done a series of videos in her laboratory where she dramatically experiments on the protein and sugar in the Gummi bears.

If you can stomach watching cute, delicious, little Gummi bears get frozen, shrunken, shattered, bloated, decapitated, and pureed by sound waves you will learn a lot!

Our 11-y.o. editor-in-chief thinks the Gummi bear videos are radical. She has no pity. No heart.

Oh, the gummanity!!

Digested in a lab flask! What a waste!

If you are a sick puppy and want to see more Gummi murrderrr, Joanne Manaster has a couple of other videos here.


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  1. Thanks for the feature! I love the fact the Aaron has a science podcast. My youngest is an 11 year old boy (with three older siblings, ages 19, 16, and 14). The oldest works for the US Geological Survey–already, while in college studying atmospheric sciences! Aaron, you would fit right in with my kids. Their names all begin with the letter A, too!

    More gummi experiments, soon. I few are drowned for the sake of science!

    • Oops, looks like I was confused thinking that Aaron was affiliated with this website. My mistake! But I see you are a mother-daughter team and that is awesome!

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