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Hard Core Hunters

These kids live in the jungle and hunt and eat Goliath Bird-eater Spiders. I hunted down a freezer pizza for dinner last night. How about you?

The video is from the episode “Jungles” from the BBC series Human Planet.

These kids are such hard core hunters to overcome the intimidating defenses that these spiders have to ward off predators like them.

The spider has giant fangs to bite with. The fangs contain venom, but it’s not lethal to humans. They would break the kids’ skin and hurt a lot.


The spider also had prickly hairs all over its body that it would rub off in the direction of the kids. Those hairs would float onto the kids’ skin and sting them and make them itch. The narrator in the video also said the hairs could be inhaled. Yikes.


Contrary to its name, the Wikipedia entry for this spider says that it prefers to eat insects rather than birds. Zoos feed the big ones hissing cockroaches!

If you want to learn more about big hairy spiders there is a web site just for you!